Will A Landscaped Garden Add Value To Your Home?

do landscaped garden add value to properties?

Landscaping your garden could significantly raise your property value by 77%, according to new research by Post Office Money.

Doing up your garden could add more value to the property than a new kitchen, a conservatory or even an extension, the study shows. Next time you want to add value to your home, consider outdoor enhancements such as planting beautiful new flower beds, adding a sturdy deck, creating a patio, or opting for water features.

The estimated cost of garden landscaping will be £2,750 for the homeowner, compared to an extension that can cost up to £80,000—or even £90,000 if you choose a cellar conversion.

”Over the last few years, house price growth has slowed, so property owners have turned to other options to create value in their homes – with improvements being a prime opportunity. Making the right changes to your home can significantly increase its market value – with gardening at the top for the most value-added, “explains Chrysanthy Pispinis from Post Office Money.

‘nevertheless, home improvement is not all about making changes that add value for re-sale; 63% of the property owners we surveyed had no plans to move. Renovations allow homeowners to build homes that reflect their taste and preferences, with the potential added value-added in the long term.

After an analysis of 2,001 online surveys with UK homeowners, Post Office Money has found that 18 percent of them have landscaped their gardens in the last five years. Some 28 percent of these upgraders did so to increase the value of their property, while 59 per cent wanted to improve the appearance of their garden, making it a more relaxing place to sit in.

But how much does home improvement really cost?

These are all the estimated costs of home renovations, according to Post Office Money:

  • Garden landscaping: £2,750
  • Gym: £10,00
  • Extension: £80,000
  • Walk-in wardrobe: £3,400
  • Jacuzzi/hot tub: £6,000
  • New kitchen: £7,500
  • Swimming pool: £30,000
  • Basement conversion: £90,000
  • Conservatory: £9,000
  • Driveway: £25,000
  • Wet room: £7,500

These are all the potential increases in the value of a property with improvements, according to Post Office Money:

  • Garden landscaping: 77 per cent
  • Gym: 44 per cent
  • Extension: 37 per cent
  • Walk-in wardrobe: 34 per cent
  • Jacuzzi/hot tub: 27 per cent
  • New kitchen: 26 per cent
  • Swimming pool: 22 per cent
  • Basement conversion: 17 per cent
  • Conservatory: 10 per cent
  • Driveway: 9 per cent
  • Wet room: 7 per cent

How Do Landscaped Gardens Add Value To Your House Price?


The average Brit spends 86 minutes gardening a week, but it’s time well spent, as research suggests that a neat and tidy piece of outdoor space could add as much as 20 percent to the value of your property.

If you are worried that your garden isn’t up to the standards of the Chelsea Flower Show, don’t. Research suggests that simple, easy-to-maintain gardens help sell a home faster than those with exotic blooms and extravagant landscaping.

Even very modest gardens are a bonus, and if you live in London, the extra value of your home can reach thousands. The real estate agent Foxtons, 62% of their clients, say that a garden is important to them, while 72% say that they would pay more for an outdoor space with a property. In some areas, a garden could mean that buyers would have to pay a premium of up to £ 50,000.

The figures released by insurance specialists, AXA, confirm the importance of a well-maintained garden but show a more moderate increase in property values. Their research shows that while the average UK household spent £473 a year on their garden, the potential for return was more than four times as high at £1,954.

AXA ‘s data also highlighted a number of regional differences with lucky East Anglian gardeners getting the most returns – spending £ 511 in the year to 2017 while increasing the perceived value of their homes by £2,306. In comparison, Yorkshire and Humber’s green-tailed residents spent £ 507 on garden maintenance, resulting in an increase in the perceived value of just £1,131.

Bonus features

If you have the advantage of a garden that’s a little empty canvas, then it’s worth thinking carefully about what you’re adding to it — website Sellhousefast. Reports in the UK found that 82 percent of property agents and property experts agreed that a decent shed would add the most value to a property. Decent quality paving was the next best thing and secure fences, walls or gates followed by a well-styled garage.

Quick Garden Solutions

asy ways to increase the value of your property

While sheds, paving slabs and fences do not really seem very exciting, it makes it clear that potential homebuyers are much more interested in storage, convenience and security – which is good news if you’re not a budding Alan Titchmarsh.

So, if your garden is less blooming wonderful and more blooming full of weeds, then here are a few quick wins to boost the buyer’s appeal:

Cut Your Grass – simple but effective, just like a decent haircut, a freshly cut lawn can do wonders for aesthetics, visit the B&Q for a selection of lawn mowers at different prices.

Weed Your flower beds – even if you don’t plant anything, at least the beds look tidy and ready to use it for new buyers.

Think about security – if you have a shed, make sure it’s locked, and the windows are intact. Fix up tired fences and make sure the gates are secured – if you’ve got the cash for a quick spruce, it’s worth the effort.

Add plant pots – if you’re thinking about moving and don’t want to spend money on shrubs and flowers that you’ll only leave behind. With this in mind investing in pretty pots and perennials that you can take with you is a better idea.

Display Tables and chairs – part of selling your home, selling your lifestyle, you don’t need a large garden and expensive furniture to enjoy the outdoors. A table and a few chairs are really all you need – Argos has a good selection starting from only £39.99.

If you’re willing to spend more, then take a look at some of our inspiring garden ideas and tips or leave us a comment about what you’d like to know about any outdoor spaces you can improve to increase the value of your property.



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