What Are Coach Houses?

coach house

A coach house is usually best described as a house that is situated above a row of garages or carports, and for the entire building, the owner of the home is usually also the freeholder. The concept stems from a design that enabled horses and their carriages, when this was the only means of transport available, to be securely kept under property at night.

In general, the freeholder who lives inside the property will use one of the garages, with the others being leased on long-term leases with peppercorn rents to the surrounding properties. Such properties have recently seen a rise in popularity, with more and more of this type of construction appearing due to their space-saving design and competitive pricing on new building estates.

Is A Coach House Right For You?

living in a coach house

Coach houses, with some people seeing them as offering the best of all worlds, can almost be seen as a combination between a flat and detached home. Prices are also much more affordable than a detached house in the same location, which means you can get more for your money and live at an address you would not be able to afford otherwise.

Despite this competitive price, living in a coach house will provide a detached property with many of the same advantages. Like you would in a typical apartment, you would not have the issue of neighbours around you on either side-in fact, your only neighbours are the downstairs garages, which typically have minimal usage for their leaseholders.

Thanks to the outdoor space that they provide, these buildings may often outshine their flat counterparts. For the resident’s usage, one of the garages below the building is almost always open, with electricity and water plumbed into this specific garage. There is also the odd added advantage that several coach houses will come to the rear of the property with a garden of some kind. In a typical flat, this is something that you almost never see.

Are There Any Downsides To Owning A Coach House?

Given these obvious advantages, there are a few disadvantages that need to be weighed before you rush in and buy any coach house to purchase. Some individuals consider these properties to be notoriously cold and difficult to heat, primarily because they sit over rows of garages that are generally empty and poorly insulated.

Before you commit to making a bid, the resale value of a property such as this also needs to be weighed. For these properties, there is definitely a demand, but it is likely to be more limited than for a regular family home, meaning that the property could take longer to sell, or that for a fast sale you might have to take a hit on the asking price.

When buying a coach house, the one final challenge that will need to be solved is your home insurance policy. Many mainstream insurers are unable to provide appropriate plans because of the special existence of assets like these. This is because your own freehold property and the leasehold garages would need to be paid for by the insurance, as insurance liability for the whole building usually falls with the freeholder. Fortunately, professionals with a wealth of expertise in the insurance standards for coach houses are on the market. Make sure the insurer you want to go with is aware of all the details and that they are willing to provide the appropriate cover comfortably.

When contemplating purchasing a new home, there is a lot to think about, particularly one that is that little bit different. However, many people also feel that a coach house will provide them with the perfect living situation after the pros and cons have been carefully weighed, providing that longed-for best of both worlds.

Find The Right House Insurance

insurance for coach houses

A lot of insurers don’t even have cover for coach houses. It could also be seen as a non-standard form of home insurance and may require a specialist insurer. Many major players in the insurance industry would not deal with small specializations while they concentrate on ensuring plenty of simpler assets, with a matching degree of customer support.

Is Coach House Insurance Expensive?

Coach houses should not necessarily be any more costly to insure than a comparable home. We recommend using a professional who knows coach houses because the risks and hence the price can be overestimated by larger brands.

I Have A New Build Coach House

Oh, no problem! Even though we think of coach houses as quaint and traditional, coach houses are very common in new developments. Not only do we cover new construction homes, but if most online forms do not recognize your postcode, let us know, and we’ll get you an accurate quote.

We hope you found this post about coach houses useful and that you finally know what a coach house is! Take a look around our site, check out our blog section and browse our forums for property news, tips, information and help.




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