The Top 5 Places To Live In The UK 2021

the best places to live in the uK

The study carried out by the Halifax Quality of Life has analysed hundreds of local authorities and had a look at how they compare over twenty-six categories. The results were weighted based on how significant each aspect is to anyone who purchases a home.

Although affordability was also factored into the equation in the ratings, according to the latest Land Registry statistics, we conclude that the average property price in all of these areas exceeds the UK average of just over £235k.

Let’s get into this and take a look at the top 5 areas to purchase a property or to live in the UK and find out if your area or an area not far from you is on the list.

East Hertfordshire


Part of the UK: East England (but not too far from London)

Average Cost of A Home: £385k+

What’s So Good About East Hertfordshire?

According to research, East Hertfordshire is the best place to live in the UK. According to the report mentioned above, excellent exam results, great health and happiness scores combined to give the local authority area, including Hertford, the title of the country’s best-ranking place to live!

Fareham, Hampshire


Part of the UK: Hampshire, South East England (not too far from London)

Average Cost of A Home: £288k+

What’s So Good About Fareham?

Fareham is a very jolly place to reside in the UK because residents enjoy better health and quality of life compared to neighbouring areas. People who live in Fareham have a better chance of living significantly longer than in other areas. There is also very low unemployment in the area and it’s an ideal location to commute to the countryside, the city of London and also for day trips to the seaside as the coast is not too far either.

Hart, Hampshire

Part of the UK: Hampshire, South East England (not too far from London)

Average Cost of A Home: £429k+

What’s So Good About Hart, Hertfordshire?

Hart is a tad on the pricier side, it’s not the usual place you would expect to see first time buyers. The area sits in both Hampshire and Surrey and it’s a very easy commute in to London from here. There’s also the town of Fleet, which is very close by and has great eateries and shopping facilities. Male residents have a spectacular life expectancy over over 82 years, this may be in part due to the country-side and the abundance of wildlife including lots of gorgeous birds, it’s an extremely quaint place to live and there are lots of styles of housing on offer.

Horsham, Sussex


Part of the UK: Sussex, South East England (not too far from London)

Average Cost of A Home: £380k+

What’s So Good About Horsham, Sussex?

Horsham is in the county of Sussex in the south east of England, it’s not too far from London and there are plenty of nature reserves and areas of outstanding natural beauty nearby. The homes here look like photographs, some of years gone by and the residential areas are pretty awesome too.

Maldon, Essex

malden essex

Part of the UK: Essex, East England (not too far from London)

Average Cost of A Home: £320k+

What’s So Good About Malden, Essex?

Maldon is in the county of Essex in the east of England, not too far outside of London although there is no main motorway as such to get to the city so we would recommend it as a great place to retire if you’ve worked in the city for most of your life. There is a great maritime history in Malden and this makes it a great area for sightseeing too. There’s also lot’s of countryside and some great restaurants and social events to partake in.

Don’t worry if your area didn’t make it into the top 5 this year, you can always read up on the top 5 and see how your local community could improve your area to make it one of the best in the UK. 

Now would be a great time to look for bargain investment properties in the above areas and also areas that scored well but didn’t make it into the top 5. Let us know what you think of the areas chosen as the best in the UK, do you live in these areas? How have house prices been affected by being listed as a top 5 area? We’d love to know! Check out all of our other property blogs by clicking here. 


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