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Best Property Forums To Help With Your Property Questions

forums to help with property questions

Online forums and discussion boards are common ground for people to talk about their issues, problems, successes, hints and tips. The same goes for those in the world of property.

Why Do People Use Property Forums And Discussion Boards?

People use property forums and discussion boards to find and share information on investment opportunities, mortgage rates, buy-to-let questions, contract issues, questions to issues they may be having with their property and to also ask for and find recommendations for companies and estate agents to use. Forums are a unique form of social media. They give users a more personal approach to doing business and finding out information when it’s needed the most without the enquiries having to step out into the dark, it gives them insight beforehand.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top property forums and discussion boards to help with your property questions

Which Property Forums And Discussion Boards Are The Best?

There are many places you can discuss your property issues, address questions on how to get started and to also help others in need and make friends in the business along the way.

Money Saving Expert is an online portal for consumer information. They have a huge section on mortgages, property information and money-saving tips as well as an active forum where you can ask questions and seek advice. Be aware that there are a lot of older posts still accessible on MSE. If you’re looking for current affairs or recent forums from 2020 or 2021 then filter them out before using them. Some posts go as far back as 5+ years!

money saving expert mortgages and home forums and discussion boards

What Are Some Of The Property Topics Money Saving Expert Covers?

  • Mortgage essentials
  • Advice for first-time buyers
  • Remortgage guides
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Stamp Duty Calculator
  • Finding cheap mortgages
  • And more.

They have a range of discussion boards. A great example is the MSE forum for house buying, renting and selling – this forum helps all angles of the industry and is for landlords, home owners, tennants and so on. Inside the threads you’ll find posts from different members who often talk about their own experiences and offer advice and links that they themselves found useful. You can post on MSE and get advice whether you’re from London, Yorkshire or you’re interested in buying property abroad.

house buying renting and selling forum


Reddit is a huge site that claims to be ‘the front page of the internet” it’s a platform where users come together to discuss topics and subjects they know about or want to know about. Property is no exception and the site has some great discussion boards.

reddit - real estate forum

What Are The Property-Based Topics Often Discussed On Reddit?

Reddit is an online forum covering many topics, real estate investing is just one of them however a great way to find the answers to your questions is to post up on reddit. There are already some great posts on the site that should help you. Below you’ll find the links to some of the best property investing and real estate advice forums and posts that should be a great help to you. 

Property Investing –

Homeowners and investors –

Real Estate Technology –

Real Estate Advice –


In recent years individuals have started advertising their properties for sale and to let on facebook’s marketplace. Popular social media stars host their own pages and groups and there are also general interest groups that you can join if you want to network with like-minded investors. We’ve provided you with a list of popular groups you can join below, if you don’t know a lot about them then take your time, go through the posts on their page and see if they’re for you or not. You can always put up some posts of your own on facebook to see if anyone you know or anyone in those groups can help with your queries. That’s a great way of finding out if you’ll fit into the group well and if you’ll get the info and support you’re looking for from an online forum.

Here are some examples of pages and groups you can join on Facebook:

Property investment with Samuel Leeds –

property investors with samula leeds

Northwest UK Property Investment Group –

Smart Property Investment –

There are of course many Facebook groups for property developers and investors and you can even start up your own if you can’t find what you need and build your own network. Use the search facility to see if there are already groups for what you need or even groups that have a network of like-minded people in your area.

Landlord Zone

Landlord zone is one of the most used lettings forum online. The site covers topics from legal issues to viewings. It’s a place where people come for help and advice and sometimes to have a moan about a mishap!

landlord zone forum topics

Most forum threads are getting upwards of 10k views per thread which proves its an active forum site with active users. Every landlord could find value in the posts on this site. Below are a list of forums on the site, always check for the latest posts from 2020 and 2021 to get the most current news and discussion on the site. 

What Are The Topics Often Discussed On Landlord Zone?

Landlords right of access for inspection or viewing –

Tenancy guarantees –

Tenants not willing to pay when things go back to normal after covid19 lockdown –

Property Forum

The site shows trending conversations and topics, promotes new content, news and property investor education. It’s a pretty easy site to navigate and its easy to find useful forms and start new topics and discussions.

property forum

What Are Some of The Topics Discussed On Property Forum?

his is one of the best property forum sites I have come across so far. There are so many helpful pages and discussion boards to guide you through the sector and there are some really interesting forums about buying a property in Europe and around the world. Here are some of the most useful forum and discussion pages on the site:

The site also has pages of information and help with mortgages and property financing.

Property Tribes

They claim that landlords spend a combined average of 270 hours a day on their website using the forums and finding the information they need. This site is modern and fresh and looks extremely inviting, especially to the Millenials of the property world.

The site has a lot of great content which covers a wide range of current property issues as well as news about political and worldwide factors affecting the property markets.

The discussion/forum boards are well organised and easy to search and the site even has a youtube video section with advice and podcasts from property investors

property tribes

The Forum Sub-Topics Are:

Reaching Out To Others

Managing and starting a property portfolio is a challenge and to help you overcome those challenges, you’re probably going to need to reach out to people and get some hands-on knowledge and advice from those who have already been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Although there is a lot of content online about the housing markets and there is an abundance of property listings websites where you can search for bargain and investment properties all day long – speaking with others and checking out the topics on other peoples minds will give you a better feel of things and could ultimately encourage or dismiss your potential purchasing decisions.

What To Look Out For On Property Forums & Discussion Boards

It’s always important to be aware of spam content and be careful when purchasing properties from people you don’t know! There are online scammers everywhere these days and you have to keep your wits about you. 

Also, be aware that some people do like to talk the talk but can’t necessarily walk the walk so always fact check and double-check any advice that’s given to you for your specific situation. What works for some may not work for all either.


You can use all of the above forums and guidance to your benefit, especially if you are a property investor or looking to build a property portfolio. They are all free to join and will certainly help to build your network and contact list with industry professionals. Be sure to connect with the right people, double-check the advice you’re given, always do your research and avoid spammy boards. You will be sure to find the answers to even your trickiest of situations or questions and you could even start to help others when you’ve built up your own knowledge.



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